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Our Story

The journey to Brave Fox Coffee Co. Started with the never-ending search for that amazing cup of coffee. My wife and I have been drinking coffee for all of our adult life and A few years ago, we were introduced to high-quality fresh coffee, and everything changed. A little coffee shop nestled in the back of a sports/bicycle store changed our lives forever, thanks, Chris! Before we knew it we had a small home roaster that could produce 50 grams a roast which quickly turned into an 8lb drum roaster. We are forever on the quest to bring amazing and fresh coffee to everyone we know! This has been an amazing journey and we are learning more every day. We have an excellent supplier who keeps us stocked with the best green beans from around the world.

We are your local micro/home roaster in Beaumont and the Edmonton area. 

But why the name Brave Fox?

Coming up with a name is a difficult task and after many months brainstorming Kayla and Rob stumbled on something....Brave comes from Kayla's maiden name and Fox comes from Rob's last name.

Blended together these words create a powerful combo, just as we created our family of five we have created Brave Fox Coffee Co. out of love.

Light Roast Coffee is...

Lightly roasted coffee retains most of the original coffee characteristics. This coffee is a light brown, tan color and lacks visible oils. This coffee is the most bright of the roasts and retains the most acidity (coffee bean dependent). This type of roast really shows off the natural quality of a coffee bean. 

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Medium Roast Coffee is...

Roasted halfway through the spectrum in a medium tends to be the most popular roast that we sell. This roast style keeps the balance between acidity and body. Acidity starts to fade at this level and some of the coffee characteristics are traded for body and aroma. This is the where we recommend newer coffee drinkers start.

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Dark Roast Coffee is...

Dark roast's show the oils of the bean and showcase a bold, rich taste. . This a very popular roast style especially for those just getting into specialty coffee. When drinking a dark roast you are drinking tasting notes of the roast more so than the original qualities of the bean, and for those whole like a bold, intense cup this is the roast for you.

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The Best Way to Enjoy A Cup?

We often get the question "But how do YOU guys make your coffee?"

The answer is simple, the Clever Coffee Dripper is our go to way to make coffee. We also enjoy espresso but for drip or filter coffee this is a great way. 

This is our absolute favorite device for making 'drip' (or filter coffee, both are what people often call regular coffee), this unit is low cost ($28) and honestly, it makes an amazing cup that you can adjust based on steep time. This is considered an immersion brewer.

Easy to Use

1. Put in coarse coffee grounds, 20-25 grams. We use setting 55 of 60 on our grinder.

2. Wet #4 paper filter, drain excess water

3. Slowly pour boiling water over the grounds to make them wet, then wait a few seconds.  Keep pouring until you reach the desired water amount. We fill to the top of the lines as a marker (about 1 cup)

4. Let steep for 3 minutes (play with the time if you like, we do some coffee for 2 minutes some for 4)

5. Place Clever on a cup and let it drip out, enjoy your coffee at home, office, camping, airport or fire hall.

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